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spend the money you are spending now

Our solution:

pay the bank instead of paying eskom

Our proposal:

savings match the instalment, so....


no money out of your pocket




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Solar since 2008

Since 2008 we've spent all our time and energy on Solar - nothing else. No sideline projects to keep us alive - we are truly Solar Powered

Solar 4 You has only 1 mission: To make Solar within Reach for most people.
This requires rethinking, redesigning products to make them affordable and practical.
All Research and Development are spent to push this boundary.
One day most houses will be Solar Powered

We installed our first Solar Geyser in 2008
We installed our First Solar Power System in 2009
Designed and Imported our own Solar Geyser in 2010
Installed Solar Geysers during the Eskom Rebate from 2011 - 2013
Installed Solar Power Systems During Load Shedding in 2015
Started with a Revolutionary Solar Geyser Design in 2012
Patented the Revolutionary Solar Geyser in 2017


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