Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Solar Batteries cost?

The price of Lithium has come down significantly over the past year, so much that the old "Deep Cycle" Lead Acid Batteries don't really make sense anymore.

Would you pay double for something that lasts 6 times longer?  Lithium Batteries start at R17,000 for a small one.  The volume of storage that you require will determine the price of a battery bank that will suit your needs.

How much is a Solar Inverter

Cheap 3kVA Chinese Inverters start at R7,500

The more common 5kVA costs R13,500

Better quality German 5kVA costs R17,500

Hybrid Grid-Tie is much more expensive because of much more functionality, it all depends on what you want to achieve and the amount of savings you want to realise.

Should I cover Solar Panels when not in use?

Solar Panels should always be used.  A properly designed system will never require you to cover the Solar Panels.

Solar Geysers can be covered if they tend to overheat during summer, but PhotoVoltaic Solar Panels should never be covered as they cannot overproduce if their power isn't required.

Do Solar Panels work at night

The reflection from the moon is unsufficient to produce Solar Power at night, that's why we overproduce during the day and store the excess in batteries for use at night.

Do I need Batteries for Solar Panels

A Grid-Tie Solar System does not require batteries to work, because a Grid-Tie only produces savings, not independence

How many Batteries do I need for a 3000 Watt Inverter

The art of Solar System Design takes many years to fully grasp

There's a difference between power generation, energy storage and peak power delivery - these 3 are taken into account when designing a Solar System.

To ask how many batteries go with my Inverter is like asking how much petrol to put in my car:

  • The wrong type of petrol can lead to an explosion ( just like the wrong battery bank voltage can blow up your Inverter)
  • The amount depends on how far you want to drive before refuelling again (just like how long you want your lights to remain on until the batteries are recharged tomorrow morning again)

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