is it really possible?

Savings explained

The concept about “saving cost” is, if we may say so…
May be a bit confusing. 

To approach this from a different angle it may be better to ask:
“When will you start saving?”

Let’s face it, it is relatively certain that all solar installations will save the owner cost. The moment you pay less for electricity, or maybe not even at all, you are saving.

You are in fact redirecting your monthly electricity payment into your own pocket from day one, just like investing a mechanism with the potential of increasing returns everytime the price of electricity goes up.

Even more when you become self-sufficient. Depending on the size of system you install, you are effectively eliminating the annual tariff increase(s).

Let’s consider the solar system as an investment and the monthly electricity cost (you use to pay to Eskom your local municipality) as a return on investment. The return on investment will continue for as long as you use electricity supplied by this solar system.

So… Do you plan to stop using electricity?
The return on investment is not really money coming into your pocket, but rather… Less money going out of your pocket.
Should you transfer the money you would normally pay for electricity into a savings account,
you would see the investment increasing every month and be able to track it accurately.

As you know, even a low interest rate on a large investment is noticeable.
Since the average price of electricity in South Africa rose by more than 840% since 2000, who knows where we will be in another 10 years?

Even taking savings and adding it to the value of your home is merely moving the investment to another basket you own. You still own your investment.
Sure, there are going to be maintenance costs, as with your car.

The bottom line is – the initial investment cost may be high, but it all goes into your assets with the possibility of reducing your monthly electricity bill to ZERO.
There are many solar power options available to fit your current budget. You can easily expand later until you are completely independent.

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