Your solar power system is more than just a couple of wires connected to a couple of things.

It is critical that your components match the delivery and demand requirements of the system as a whole to ensure optimal output.

The hybrid inverter

The hybrid inverter is the central link between all the components of your solar power system. The inverter acts as the brain. Our inverter is no ordinary brain, it is a genius.

The first thing it does is convert electric current (DC) from the solar panels into usable current (AC). The second function is to manage the flow of electric current through the solar power system based on supply and demand.

This means… It can simultaneously direct energy to your home and direct surplus energy to the batteries for charging.

The inverter can also manage electricity supply from various sources like, solar panels, grid, and a generator to ensure your house is constantly powered.

Based on the design specification, the inverter has a limit on the amount of electric current it can supply. The suitable inverter size is selected during our site inspection.

Using a True Hybrid Inverter, therefore, eliminates the need for a battery charge controller, saving you cost.

Guess what… We were personally involved in the research and development of the True Hybrid inverter.
Since the launch of the inverter in 2019, we have not looked back once. We are still the only supplier of the True Hybrid Inverter in South Africa.


Just like any batteries, they store excess power and supply the power when the solar panels do not meet the demand.Electric current can therefore flow to the batteries (charging) and to the home (supply). The direction of current flow is determined by the inverter, described above.

We only recommend and use Lithium-Ion batteries. Lithium-Ion batteries are by far the best to use in a solar power system because they:

  • Charge faster
  • Have very little electricity loss. The energy input almost always equals the energy output.
  • Require no maintenance.
  • Have a very long lifespan (+5000 cycles).
  • Perform great through inconsistent charge and discharge cycles.
  • Have consistent power supply no matter where the battery level is at.
Cycles?...The battery cycle refers to the number of times a battery can charge and discharge completely before it starts to lose capacity.

With +5000 cycles we are talking about a very long lifespan. Our batteries even carry a 10-year warranty.

Solar panels

Your electricity supply starts here. The solar panels convert solar energy into electric charge through photovoltaic cells. The generated electrical charge is sent to the hybrid inverter.

The flow of electric charge is always from the solar panels to the inverter.

Our panels have a 25-year 80% efficiency guarantee. This simply means that the panels are guaranteed to still deliver 80% of the design capacity after 25 years.

The panels are locally sourced from hand-picked suppliers. They dedicated a lot of research and development to delivering an amazing product.

These mount on durable aluminum frames called racking. The racking consists of lightweight aluminum components. The racking is durable and will keep your panels in the intended position.

Electricity distribution

The electricity distribution system is already installed in your home. It consists of cabling, connection points (plugs), and a distribution board (DB). Your solar power system will seamlessly connect to this distribution system.

These are all the components you need in the solar systems we supply. 

We have personally selected and even helped in the development of some of these components we use. 

After 15 years’ experience, we trust specific brands to take care of your home. 

There is so much more valuable information on these components. 

 Be on the lookout, we will share these on our social platforms.   


We have 15 years of experience and provide outstanding service and advice.

Call us today to start your solar journey!

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