Your solar power system is more than just a couple of wires connected to a couple of devices.

It is critical that your components match the delivery and demand requirements of the system as a whole to ensure optimal output.

Know your system and how these components function together to obtain maximum performance.

In recent news of house fires, it is evident that proper installation protocols are essential for solar power systems. We have developed strict safety rules and installation protocols to ensure our team and your home remain a place of safety.

Your house is more than just brick walls and a roof. It is a home for loved ones. Your home is a place of safety, where you build good memories

Installation, upgrades and maintenance work we perform on your home will ensure the future wellbeing of your whole family

We abide by all legal requirements throughout the entire installation.

We do not cut corners to make an extra buck. That is our guarantee and reputation.

We have completed more than 300 residential installations, safely.

An independent qualified electrician inspects our work and issues the electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC) after each installation.

We always inform the client of any concerns we find with the current electricity distribution system.

It is then up to the client to tend to these matters

We are aware that a COC alone will not satisfy your home insurance company in the case of a claim. Your installation needs to comply to legal requirements. We therefore work ethically and responsibly, with your benefit in mind.

We also offer a 12-month, no-charge, call-out service on all work we performed.

Our 15 years of dedicated work and experience is yours to enjoy and enough to provide peace of mind when you partner with us to install your solar power system.

We have 15 years of experience and provide outstanding service and advice.

Call us today to start your solar journey!

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