It all comes down to how much you are able to adapt and manage your electricity demand at any single time of the day.
But...What happens if my demand exceeds the supply of my inverter? 

What are my upgrade options in future if my demand increases?

The overload protection will shut the inverter down. After a couple of seconds, the inverter will attempt to start back up again. Your will electricity supply will therefore be interrupted until you lower the demand by switching certain items off.

Managing the demand, therefore, requires a bit of math – if you don’t like math – just get the larger inverter. 

Inverter size options

what does 5kVA mean?

5kVA means that you can utilize a maximum of 5000 (Approx.) Volt Ampere or Watts at any one time.

Generally – 1000VA = 1000W (1kVA = 1kW).

what if i need 10kVA?

We can add as many inverters as you need to ensure you have all the electricity supply capacity you may need.

This is why system upgrades in the future are so easy.

how to calculate my use at a single time

A kettle usually uses 1800Watt to 2000Watt and a fridge anything from 250 Watt to 1000 Watt. This value is displayed on nearly all electrical items.

To determine which items you can use simultaneously, just add the Watt values of electrical items together to stay below the kVA reading of your inverter.

We will assist you

That is why we are experts. We will help you choose the beast size inverter for your needs and explain the things to consider.

Recent data released in the media indicated that the average lifespan of inverters are almost 14 years.  That is a lot longer than their 5-year warranty period.

We have 15 years of experience and provide outstanding service and advice.

Call us today to start your solar journey!

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