There are major differences between inverters which you should DEFENITELY know about.

This term “Hybrid Inverter” is seen in basically all solar power system ads. But… 

What does HYBRID mean and is there any difference in the various Hybrid Inverters?
The answer is a resounding YES! Not all hybrids were made equal. 

"Hybrid" refers to the ability to use solar power and still have your home connected to the grid, switching between the various sources. 

There are basically three types of hybrid inverters – all with differences in functionality. Today we will clarify the differences between these inverters. You will then be able to make an informed decision and choose the Hybrid Inverter you need. 

The differentiating factor is the inverter’s ability to use and reroute various sources of electricity. The second factor is how the inverter uses surplus energy. These two factors mainly determine the application of the inverter. 

“Essentials” is a term used for equipment that does not use an excessive amount of electricity, like lights, the fridge, etc. 

ITyoes of hybrid inverters

Basic Hybrid inverter

This inverter allows for the solar system to serve as a backup power system when the grid supply fails.

 You will obviously only have power for as long as the batteries last.

This system has a basic flow of electricity within the solar power system. 

The inverter uses the electricity generated from solar panels to charge the batteries. 

The batteries, as the only supply of electricity, are used to power essential items. 

All excess power that is generated is lost. 

Grid tie hybrid inverter

This inverter has the same functionality as the basic hybrid with the added ability to direct surplus electricity from the solar panels directly to essentials. 

 This obviously depends on the amount of surplus energy generated by the solar panels.

Potentially, you can save on your monthly bill as you are able to use the excess solar power during the day to power certain items. 

true hybrid inverter

This inverter has no equal. It has all the functionality of the above with the added ability to simultaneously manage power to/from Solar, Battery, Gird, Load, and the generator. 

This means the inverter is smart enough to select the best sources of electricity to use as little of the grid as possible. 

Use the “Time of Use” function to manage your peak demand - ensuring even power consumption throughout the day.

After programming the inverter according to the user preferences… just sit back and relax.
This is truly the ultimate inverter. It does all the hard work for you. 

There is a clear difference in functionality and benefits. The true hybrid inverter may cost more but the potential savings are make a real difference.

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