Which are the most reliable


So… you have a great solar power system but prefer some redundancy to make sure you have all the bases covered.
"Why would I need a back-up?"

Let’s start with the obvious. A solar system needs sunlight.

Those cloudy days do affect your solar electricity generation and fully charging batteries may sometimes be a challenge.

Secondly, you may occasionally have a higher electricity demand than usual. This is typically when you have friends or family staying over and you need more warm water or do more cooking than usual.

Thirdly, you might need power during maintenance or upgrades of your solar system, which usually does not take very long.
Your battery power will then run out and you will have to revert to backup power.

What common backup options are available?

It is however needed to differentiate between back-up for the full system or for essentials only.

ESKOM grid supply

They are not very reliable, which is probably the main reason you opted for a solar power system. 

 They do however remain an easy backup as your home is very likely already connected to the grid.  


It makes a lot of noise and is very expensive to operate but does the job. Heating a geyser will take as long as always. 

 And all unused electricity goes lost, making it more expensive to run than it seems.

Our Magneto / OHM True-Hybrid Inverter will ensure a seamless switch over between power sources. 


As a backup for specific utilities like hot water…
Gas is our go-to option here. It is readily available and accessible.

It will however require additional cost. Unlike a generator – it delivers heat instantly for cooking and hot water. 

 You only consume what you need and storage is usually safe and hassle-free.   

Heat pump

It may also be worthwhile looking into a heat pump. It is a large capital investment but uses less electricity than the conventional electric geyser.

Let the most reliable source of energy be your primary source! Go solar today! 

We have 15 years of experience and provide outstanding service and advice.

Call us today to start your solar journey!

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