Do you believe that many small steps can actually take you a long way?


We do. We have witnessed this for many of our clients. One of our standard customer services includes performance monitoring of every solar power system we install.

During performance monitoring of our client’s systems we noted various consumption spikes during odd times.

Therefore, the insight we provide here are from actual energy saving practices that made a difference for our customers.

One of the components responsible for the bulk of your electricity bill is...

Yes you guessed it. Your geyser!

The logic of a geyser. Hot water OUT leads to cold water IN. The ideal would therefore be to ensure hot water is used only as needed.

Don't heat what you are not going to use.   

Remember... Small steps can make a difference.

So let’s look at a couple of small things you can do.

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mixer taps

Ensure that everyone knows how to use mixer taps. Many times the tap is set at hot, opened, and closed before hot water comes out. And this only to wash hands or rinse something or…   

Household cleaning

Use cold water to fill buckets for cleaning, as far as possible. Don’t use hot water if you don’t need to.

geyser timer or smart switch

Connect a timer or smart switch to the geyser to heat up during the day rather than night. In so doing you utilize any excess solar power that is generated during the day.  Only heat water when you need hot water.

heat  wisely

Let everyone shower during the same time of day - to prevent heating the geyser at multiple times during the day

 Use the sun to heat your home in the morning or keep the heat out in the afternoons by opening and closing curtains. By this you may need to use the heater or air-conditioner less.

We have 15 years of experience and provide outstanding service and advice.

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